06 July 2011

On a break

You must have noticed the ultra long void since my last post and I feel really bad for not being able to update my foodie blog as often as I can. And it’s not because I’ve stopped cooking or no longer interested in blogging, if anything it’s for a good reason, yours truly is currently 22 weeks pregnant!

Hence why things are little quiet over here. I’m lucky that I don’t have to combat morning sickness during the first trimester and that I’m still able to cook till now without having to don on a safety suit (no feeling of nausea over food) still by the time I finished doing my chores I’m totally knackered. Evenings when I usually do my posts are now meant for resting aching my back and going to bed early.

And we have been kept busy over a
new project aside from being pregnant. If you haven’t guessed it, we are going to move into our new place before the baby arrives! So that’s another reason why things are little, ok very quiet over here. We’ve been kept really busy shopping for the house, having discussions after discussions on renovations etc. Phew no wonder I’m feeling tired when the day ends. Cant wait for my kitchen our house to be ready! Staying with my in-laws have been great but it’s really time for us to have a place of our own eh. And I can’t wait to start using my dream tool in the kitchen.
Hopefully I can squeeze in a post or two soon, if not do check out my tweets @ alesiahomecook, or my Facebook Page, I usually try to twit some pictures of the food I’ve made. Till then take care my fellow readers and do come back every now and then to help me take down the cobwebs from the corners of my blog eh

Alesia, the pregnant home cook.

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