05 October 2009

Steamed Caramel Cake / Apam Gula Hangus


All packed along with mooncakes to give to family & friends during Mid-Autumn Festival

I've mentioned this a million times, I’m not very good in baking and I still love to bake. Must be my over demanding sweet tooth. And before this I didn’t have an oven so I had to settle for steamed ones. And being in Malaysia, I’m lucky because we have many types of cakes and most of the cakes are made by steaming.And I bought this cookbook from Periplus Mini Cookbooks Collections, I’m an avid fan of this collection, mainly because it’s affordable at only RM11.90 per book and it’s good because the recipes are pretty easy to understand and follow.
I made this for the first time for my lil girl’s 1st birthday tea party and have since become my must-haves desserts each time I throw a party or for gatherings. And since a couple of my friends has requested for the recipe, this post is dedicated for them :)

You need
150 g sugar
100 ml hot water
70 g butter
75 ml evaporated milk
1 egg, beaten
150 g self raising flour

pinch of salt

Yields 7 small cakes

How to
  1. Place the 150g of sugar in a small heavy-based saucepan and heat gently until sugar melts and caramelizes to golden brown colour. Take care to keep pan on very low heat to avoid burning the caramel and remove pan from heat once it reaches a golden brown colour.
  2. Pour the hot water into the caramel. And please be extra cautious at this point because the moment you pour the hot water, the caramel and hot water would splutter. So don’t be alarmed if that happens. Boil caramel for a few minutes until completely melted and syrup is obtained. Allow syrup to cool and pour it out into a measuring cup (you need 160 to 170 ml)
  3. Add the melted butter, milk and beaten egg to the cooled caramel syrup and stir well to combined.
  4. Sift the flour and salt into a mixing bowl. Make a well in the middle and pour in the liquid. Gradually incorporate the dry ingredients into the liquid, stirring gently with a wooden spoon or balloon whisk for a smooth batter.
  5. Fill small lightly buttered cups three-quarters full of batter and steam for 15 to 20 minutes.
Taste : 5/5 I love it because it’s very fragrant and it’s not too sweet
Preparation : 4/5 the recipe’s pretty easy to follow,
Ingredients : 5/5 available at hypermarkets, supermarkets & baking supplies stores Availability
Cooking time : 4.5/5 aside from waiting for the caramel syrup to cool down, it won’t take much of your time.
You may also bake the cakes, just pour the mixture into a greased and lined baking pan and bake in a preheated oven at 170Celcius for about 25-30 minutes. The surface might crack a bit but that’s okay.

If you wish to make this for parties, you may double the recipe or in my case I tripled the amount.

Cooking tutorial

How To





  1. awesome apam....looks so pretty & delicious.

  2. oooh its been ages since I've eaten this!!! Make some for me when I see you?? ehhe :)

  3. Hi Alesia,

    Just wondering where do you bought those mold? I'm staying in Cheras, any place I can get it?


  4. Hi SL,

    I got mine from baking supply stores in Taman Megah, PJ and also Jusco Bandar Utama. You can find these moulds easily at most baking supplies stores or you can even try the hypermarkets (Tesco, Giant, Carrefour etc) nearest to your place.

    Or you can even try the markets. They sometimes have this too


  5. The apam looks good. ;) ...... maybe can substitute with Brown Sugar . Taste as good as well... Anyway . I am a friend of Tracy Taw . Hi Alesia ;)

  6. I bookmarked this page a long time back. I brought the mould this week and tried out last night. The result was so so good!!! The taste is heavenly fragrant with the caramel. This recipe is certainly a keeper. Thanks for sharing!


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