28 October 2010

Such a long cooking time

Hey everyone, quite a few of you have mentioned to me that some of the pictures here in my blog is taking such a long cooking time for them to load and I think it’s high time for me to consider other (free) image sharing sites even though it’s loading just fine over at my side. Currently I’m using imageshack.us and contemplating whether I should use tinypic.com (but tinypic.com has a trial period?!) so if anyone of you knows any good, reliable, FREE! image sharing sites do let me know will ya? Photobucket, I tried before but there’s limited bandwidth.  Thank you!

14 October 2010

M&Ms and Pasta

If you're wondering why things are a little quiet here and also on my Twitter, it's because my notebook is once again sent in for repair. First it was the cracks on the casing and next my windows decided to die on me (well actually more like I killed it trying to reformat the notebook on my own bleh). So anyway I'm notebook-less *again!* but it's nice to have nothing to distract me or take up most of my waking time (aside from Ashley). I spent the past few days cleaning up my room, clearing all the backlogged tasks; writing down those recipes I've collected from newspapers and magazine over the year, amongst other things. But the one thing I missed most is reading all the Project Food Blog entries.
So anyway the hubs went to work today and I finally can use the PC without having to fight with him over it plus a few friends asked for the recipe of Ashley's lunch today after I shared the picture on my Facebook Page I decided to post it up before people start forgetting the existence of my blog I forget. Today I made something really special for the lil picky eater , meatballs with mash hence M&Ms and hubs told me at the last minute that he wants to have his lunch at home before heading out for work so luckily I had some leftover pasta with newly bought tomatoes and I found a can of tomato puree in the pantry. So I whipped something up real quick for him.