14 September 2010

Lamb Patty with Cheddar Mash and Honey Mustard Sauce

Inspired by the rare occasion of fine dining we had for our anniversary celebrations I decided to replicate the experience but using only the everyday ingredients well except for the lamb patties. And would you believe me if I were to tell you this was just my lunch? With Ashley happily having her afternoon nap and all the chores done, I wanted to give myself a nice treat, nice food treat. So while rummaging through the fridge and pantry I found lamb patties, some Cheddar and potatoes voila! I got myself a delish dish that looks oh so gourmet but simple to make. And I suppose if you want to make your lamb/pork/chicken/turkey/tofu patties, you can hmmm maybe I should make this again soon.
(Serves 1) 
You Need
1 lamb patty (or any patties of your choice)
3 white button mushrooms, brushed and sliced thinly
1 russet potato, skin peeled and cubed
3-4 tablespoons of milk
2 cubes of butter
1/2 cup of grated Cheddar
2 teaspoons honey
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
olive oil
salt & black pepper to taste.

How To
1. Cook the potatoes until tender, add in the milk, butter. Mash well before adding in the Cheddar, season with salt and pepper. (Cheddar has a sharp taste so go lightly with the salt ya). Set aside.
2. If you have a griddle, grill the patty and set aside, but if you are like me who use a non-stick pan, pan fry the patty. Using the same pan sauté the mushrooms and season with salt and pepper.
3. To make the sauce, simply mix well the honey, Dijon mustard along with the olive oil.

To Assemble 
Place the patty on the plate, follow by the mash and top it off with the mushrooms. Drizzle the honey mustard sauce over and serve.

Now you can have fine dining like food from the comfort of your home.


  1. This looks fabulous! Can't wait to try it-- we love lamb!

  2. Same here! I've always prefer lamb over the other types of meat :D


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