10 November 2009

A.W.E.D An almost perfect Sago Gula Melaka

Why I said almost perfect? Because the pictures doesn’t do any justice to this yummy delectable sweet dessert! It’s been raining nearly everyday and gloomy weather makes ugly pictures and plus I’m not very good with external flash. But while I’m writing this and eating these sweet goodies, it made up for the not so nice pictures heh!
If you’re wondering why am I reposting this again just when I posted this not too long ago, well a foodie couple whom I’ve always admired way before I started this blog suggested that I should submit this recipe for a food event called A.W.E.D (A Worldly Epicurean Delight) hosted by another wonderful foodie, Annarasa.
This event was first created by DK of Chef In You (what a small world!; you’d remember him as I used one of his recipes to make pumpkin puree for my Pumpkin Pound Cake) and what this event is that every month, a different kind of cuisine would be chosen as the main theme and anyone even if you don’t have a blog can cook up a dish from that cuisine and showcase it to others. And this time A.W.E.D has arrived in Malaysia! A chance to showcase our country’s best dishes :)
I think it’s a very good effort in introducing different kind of gastronomical delights around the world and the best part of this event, you don’t have to step out from your house to enjoy the yummy food. Kitchen travel at its best! :)
You can get the recipe here along with step by step how to

Edit: Decided to take another shot at my Sago Gula Melaka since the weather’s sunny today and the pictures turned out great! Now my Sago Gula Melaka’s perfect :D



  1. Good on you! We'll be posting our AWED Malaysia dish in a couple of days.

  2. I loveeee sago gula melaka... unfortunately I have trouble cooking sago :(

  3. Hi! How did you do that dome like sago pile?

    Any tips on cooking sago? I tried it and it looked a bit burnt.


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