28 October 2009

Sago Gula Melaka

Being a Malaysian, I find myself very lucky because there are so many types of food especially desserts thanks to it’s multi-ethnic population of Malay, Chinese Indian,Eurasian, Nyonya etc. And having a sweet tooth, this means I’m in heaven, heaven of yummy delectable desserts. And did I mention that I simply love anything that has santan (coconut milk) and gula melaka (palm sugar) so this dessert is the perfect one.

You need
200 sago, you can also use pearl sago
250 gram coconut milk (I used packet coconut milk which is available at supermarkets and hypermarkets, even grocery stores)
1/2 cup of hot water
4 pandan leaves, knotted
150 gram of gula melaka, crushed (but as you can see, I didn’t crush the gula melaka but it would take longer time to dissolve)
a pinch of salt
Yields 4
How to
1.Soak pearl sago in water for 5 minutes.
2.Bring 5 cups of water to boil in a large pot along with the pandan leaves*. Once the water boils, remove the pandan leaves then add sago and keep stirring till sago turns transparent. (Initially I only use 150g of sago and midway I realized it’s not enough and added the remaining sago. That’s why you see white dots amongst the transparent sago. Bad move)
3.Pour into a strainer and rinse under a running tap till cool.
4.Drain excess water and pour into a bowl. Mix well to prevent the sago from curdling and scoop into individual moulds to set. Chill in refrigerator.
5.Dissolve palm sugar with 1/2 cup of hot water in a saucepan together with pandan leaves*. Bring to boil and stirring in between to prevent the syrup from burning.Remove the pandan leaves, remove from heat and chill in refrigerator.
6. Mix the coconut milk with a pinch of salt and chill in the refrigerator.
7.To serve, spoon the palm sugar syrup and coconut milk over the chilled sago.
*I recycled the pandan leaves after scenting the pot of boiling water for the sago.

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  1. I love these types of deserts, there are many bakeries near the area I live in in Chicago that make them. I will have to pick up the ingredients and make your recipe!

  2. Thanks Mathea, for dropping by my blog :). Oh please do, it's quite delectable with the richness of the coconut milk and the sweetness from the gula melaka.

  3. Wow Alesia! Your Blog is AWESOME!!!
    I Love food and I Love your photos!!
    Keep it up!! XD

  4. very nice.

    You should enter this in the AWED: Malaysian roundup


  5. Thanks Jo Serwey :D

    Thanks so much for the link Nate-N-Annie, am going through it right now :)

  6. Hi! I'm looking for sago recipes. Yours looks fantastic but a bit intimidating to do. Let me start with the simpler ones first. You have other recipes?



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