04 June 2010

What’s in her lunchbox.

Now that Ashley is starting school, I have to make snacks for her to bring to school and I simply love doing so! I feel so much like a mother now that I am preparing her lunch box. I know it’s silly but it’s just what I’ve always wanted to do. :D

Usually I’ll just make a simple French toast or PB & J or sometimes some sausages or hash. So today I made Banana & Chocolate Toasties. I first made this during her 3rd birthday bash and it was a hit! But this time I didn’t have a sandwich maker so I used the usual toaster oven.

Anyway it’s very simple to make, all you need is two slices of bread, one banana, sliced and 2 tablespoon of chocolate spread (Nutella). Spread one side of the bread with Nutella , place slices of banana on the other slice of bread. Top the chocolate side up and toast. Let it cool before cutting it into quarters.
    Banana & Choco Toasties1Banana&Choco Toasties7Banana&Choco Toasties8Banana & Choco Toasties2Banana & Choco Toasties3Banana & Choco Toasties4Banana & Choco Toasties5


  1. This remind me of my fav flavour for crepe! :) Yums! You are such a loving mama to prepare lunch box for her. Ashley is so lucky!

    Btw, will the toast get soggy & chewy by lunch hour? Usually the crispy part of toast will be moist when keep in tupperware.

  2. Viv, nah just doing something I love doing that's all :)

    Well, I just leave the container uncovered to prevent condensation and would only put the lid on when it's time for her to go for school. I made this around 8 in the morning and we left the house 20 minutes before school starts at 10

    It's chewy but definitely not soggy.

  3. Thanks Alesia! for this idea. I have tried this and my son loves it. He named it the choc-bread now (well, exclude the banana as I have yet to incorporate that in) Every now and then I need not worry anymore on what to make for him during teatime or breakfast since he does request for it. ;) Ashley is a lucky gem.


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