26 June 2010

Nando’s Delivery

There are days where I’ll order fast food for lunch only if I’m busy with chores and I was too lazy to cook. But when you have a toddler, you have to consider getting a healthier option for them and meals that comes with a free toy aren’t exactly one of them. So after much ding dong whether to order or buy back I decided to give Nando’s Peri Medic a try although I much prefer KR because they have my favourite; Mac n Cheese!

When I posted on my Facebook profile that I wanted to order Nando’s almost immediately I received not so positive feedbacks from my friends like they took a very long time to deliver and the food is below satisfactory. So obviously I got slightly worried especially when it’s not that cheap (the bill came up close to RM30). But since I was given a heads up so I didn’t really expect much. So I called them before the lunch peak hour and they told me delivery time would be from 30-45 mins which was fine by me because I usually have my lunch around 1pm. I ordered 1/4 Chicken with 2 sidelines ( Mediterranean rice & coleslaw) for myself and grilled sausages for the little missy. After finished doing my chores, 30 minutes after I made the order, my lunch arrived! And to my surprise it wasn’t that bad looking, although they could make some improvements to the packaging, but overall it was alright. The chicken was still warm, not hot but still quite warm and if you want you can heat them up in the microwave. The rice and coleslaw were delicious and like I said if they use a container it would be better, but I think they are practicing an environment-friendly approach hence they use paper packaging and no plastic.

I’ve always prefer paper bags over plastic bags and I’m mighty glad they use these for their packaging. (no that's not bottle of liquor wrapped up it's my bottle of Coca Cola)
I like their slogan ‘ Take me home’ it’s very ambiguous :P

My two sidelines
Ok I’m not so brave. Laugh all you want
It may look tiny to you but it’s just the right portion for me since I’m not really a meat eater. 
   Ashley enjoying her grilled sausages

So if you want a much healthier option when it comes to home/food delivery do check out their menu


  1. Love this post & the pics! Didn't know they had such nice packaging. I'm a sucker for nice packaging. must order delivery now =p

  2. Yes, I love the packaging too! :)

    We had Nando's yesterday ... Finally Nando's in SINGAPORE!! If you are wondering ... There's no Nando's chain in this tiny island, only until recently! So you can imagine how excited when we spoted Nando's while driving one day ... We just gotta have it!

  3. My girls like Nandos and often go for it. They are not cheap here too. Ashley is so adorable!

  4. i love this post! wish they have this restaurant here in toronto. the food looks delicious! stumble upon your page! gonna be dropping by often. feel free to stop by :) your little girl is too cute! Wish I can have a kid soon too. talk to you soon.

    have a fabulous day


  5. Ah thanks ladies for the lovely comments of Ashley :)

    I honestly not a big fan of Nando's just that it's great that they have a delivery service now, definitely beats having to order the usual fast food each time. But it's quite pricey though.

    You know what, I still have the pretty paper bag kept in my container of paper bags :D


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