20 May 2010

I Blog About Food – Pick Me!


Blog Name / URL
Alesia, The Home Cook [http://alesiathehomecook.blogspot.com]

When do you start blogging?
On an auspicious date , September 9, 2009. [09.09.09]

Introduce yourself and your blog
I’m Alesia, a stay at home mommy to a 3 year old picky eater and a homemaker to a hard working husband whom is trying to provide everything for us. I’ve always loved cooking since young thanks to my mom and grannies who are excellent cook themselves and only picked up photography after my husband bought himself a SLR camera. After much persuasion and encouragement from friends ( after a few months of sharing the pictures of the food I cooked on my Facebook profile) I decided to come up with a cooking blog. Aside from sharing the recipes with others, it’s also serves as an outlet for me to do something else aside from parenting.
Why do you blog about food?
Why not? :) Food is always the best topic, everyone has to eat somehow plus it’s also my interest which I’m very passionate about.
Do you make money with your food blog?
Not really although I have received a couple of offers to bring this hobby of mine to the next level; food styling and photography for a magazine.  At the moment I’m with Foodbuzz.com , a food blog community, the money is there but very minimal.
Why should we pick your food blog?
Because it would be a great boost of confidence for me to continue what I’m currently doing and maybe just maybe I would be able to earn a living through my blog even though I’m a stay at home mommy.
I would to express my gratitude and also a big thank you to MBP (Mom Bloggers Planet) for coming up with a great contest for all the inspiring food bloggers such as myself.

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